F6S: Free Notion & Slack discounts + Miro/Coda credits for October 2022 Deals

F6S: Free Notion & Slack discounts + Miro/Coda credits for October 2022 Deals

Email F6S sent out to talk about deals of the month. It’s made to look like a personalized email from a staff member of F6S. It includes your first name as part of the email to make it feel like its tailored to you.

Ad Text

Subject: {{First Name}}, Free Notion & Slack discounts + Miro/Coda credits for October [Your F6S Membership #{{Membership Number}}]


Hello {{First Name}},

I’m EG, your F6S Deals Concierge. I help F6S members like you get $100 million+ per month in free services. There’s no cost or catch and F6S is #1 globally for startup deals.

October is collaboration software month with top-rated Notion and Slack deals. Click to get what you want:
Notion $500 credit (4.8 rated)
Slack 25% off (4.6 rated)
Miro ($1k credit/4.3 rated) and Coda ($1k credit/5.0 rated) also help F6S members work together. You have 411 more deals waiting and reply to lmk other deals you need.

Cheers, EG

P.S. If these deals and opportunities don’t fit, please update your F6S profile to help us make better matches. F6S members get over $2bn in contracts, grants, deals, investments and other support each year.

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