Is Hypefury Broken? Low Engagement Email By Hypefury

Is Hypefury Broken? Low Engagement Email By Hypefury

When a customer is not using Hypefury’s Twitter automation software, the company notices and tries to assist them by sending them an email. This is that email.

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Subject: Is Hypefury broken?

From: Yannick from Hypefury

Hey, Yannick here.

I noticed that you are not using HypeFury for your tweets And with each passing day, you loose a chance to grow faster on Twitter.

No worries. I’m here to help’

• Do you find the dashboard too complex,

• Is the tool not in line with your expectations?

• Are you still figuring out how to set up your account?

Whatever the reason: let us know. Reply to this email It goes directly to me And in any case: don’t wait TOO long!
The sooner you start. the better. And with Hypefury, you can schedule your tweets fast.
Do it now — here

Cheers, Yannick

P.S. Keep in mind that if you face any problem setting up your account, we are just 1 message away.

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