It’s time to upgrade your account – Mixpanel

It’s time to upgrade your account – Mixpanel

This is a unique approach to create a win/win situation for the customer. In this case an existing user of Mixpanel was about to hit their monthly limit data point limit. Mixpanel offers the user an option to either upgrade to a paid plan. If the user isn’t ready to upgrade just yet – Instead of letting that user churn, They can simply add the Mixpanel badge (a logo link) to the footer of their website. This will act as marketing and SEO for Mixpanel and the user will get an additional 7 months of free usage on Mixpanel, creating a win/win situation.

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It’s time to upgrade your account

Hi {{First Name}},

It looks like you’ll need to upgrade your account.

You’ve currently sent 22,235 of your 25,000 data points so far this month. Don’t worry, we won’t stop recording your data if you go over, but you’ll need to upgrade to a paid plan if you want to keep using Mixpanel.

Want to earn more free data points?

You start out with 25,000 free monthly data points, but you can earn 175,000 more
points per month by adding a Mixpanel badge to your homepage.

  1. Copy the code:
  2. Add it to the footer of your website
  3. Email and let us know you’re done

If you have any questions about billing, please email us at or reply to this
email directly.


  • Brand: Mixpanel
  • Date: 2022
  • Agency: Mixpanel (Internal)
  • Countries: United States
  • Regions: North America
  • Medium Type: Emails
  • Ad Type Emails
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