You Cannot Bore People Into Buying Your Product David Ogilvy 1974

You Cannot Bore People Into Buying Your Product David Ogilvy 1974

Ad ran in 1974-1975

Ad Text

“You cannot bore people into buying your product?’ David Ogilvy.

Quite so, Mr. Ogilvy. You, sir, have admirably demonstrated the art of interesting communication. From our first glimpse of your man with the eye patch, from the first tick of your famous clock, you have consistently provided the world with interesting advertising.

Publications cannot bore, either-or they soon vanish. So the hallmark of every successful daily, weekly, monthly has been the common ability to meet the needs, and hold the interest, of its chosen audience. Witness The Wall Street Journal.

To our audience (and it numbers 4,600,000 every business day), The Journal is never boring. The Journal is interesting, useful, instructive, explanatory, diverting, analytic, catalytic. So The Journal exists, born anew each business day, as the essential source of news and information for American leadership. Because our readers view The Journal with trust and confidence, they look upon advertising which appears in The Journal with a favorable eye-and with a marked predilection for acting upon that advertising.

The result? Advertising that works. Indeed, advertising in The Journal often works to a magnitude surprising even to the most seasoned-and most skeptical — of advertising practitioners. All of which suggests the wisdom of advertising in The Wall Street Journal. The Journal offers readers an unparalleled climate for buying. That’s why it’s an unmatched environment for selling. The Wall Street Journal.

Simmons 1974/75

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